Transfomers ROTF - Buster Optimus Prime (Takara Tomy)

my eye almost pop out when i saw this babe in one of the local hobby shop that i frequently visit. it's the new release leader class Buster Optimus Prime from Takara Tomy!

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i have heard from some other transformers collector that buster prime is a pretty one, but never that i thought it is so awesome! seriously, the quality and paint is one level up from the previous release of ROTF prime. below are comparison between the buster prime and previous release prime.

in this version, almost all (yes i really mean almost all!) of the grey plastic parts being repaint with metalic silver. even those blue and red colour looks like metalic too. you won't get the 'plasticky' feel anymore with this version compare to the previous one.

perhaps the only complain i have about this kit is prime ugly mouth. haha. wish they covered it just like the first prime release.

awesome truck mode.

perhaps my pic doesn't justify or bring out the detail or the metalic feel of this kit. but trust me this kit is so awesome that i feel want to get another one as spare to keep. hehe. even if you are not really a transformer collector, i would highly recommend you to get this babe before it's out of stock and also before the price 'kena goreng' (price jack up). after all, it's still Optimus Prime. :D

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danielh said...

saw this version at the amcorp mall last weekend and i'm agree with you, kuku. It's awesome!