Transfomers RPMs - Optimus Prime

first of all, i would like to wish everybody a merry christmas and a happy holiday! for those that will be on the road during these holiday, please drive carefully ya. :)

there's a new 'truck' on the block: Transformers Robot Powered Machines (RPMs) - Optimus Prime!

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got this truck not too long ago from Toy'R Us. produce by hasbro, the whole truck is made by plastic. however, i must say the design, colour and build quality of this optimus prime truck is totally awesome! i didn't even think twice to buy it even though the price is RM14.90. Infact, i'm still looking for another one! :D

i would rather not show the bottom part of the truck. lol.

on 'carded' form.

comparison between hotwheels highway hauler, both look almost the same size.

my favourite posing. lol.

i would say this truck is well worth the money even tough it's made from plastic. a little bit of touch up to the plastic part will certainly made it look even more gorgeous! howabout a wheels swap with hw real rider rubber wheels? hehehe.

there are a couple of other cars/truck that came together with this, from my memory they are bumblebee, ironhide, sideway and long haul. however only this optimus prime catches my eye at the moment. perhaps i'll get the other one later.

imagine if this where to be produced by mattel in howtwheels diecast, it will be even more hotter that the dairy delivery!

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