Transfomers ROTF - Recon Ironhide, Decepticon Bludgeon, Alliance Bumblebee

some new transformers releases from hasbro is out recently. basically this time around is the N.E.S.T Global Alliance series. believe it or not, i 'googled' and couldn't find what is the meaning of N.E.S.T. there where a lot of speculation and guessing of the meaning of it, but there is still no official answer to that.

below is what i bought.

Recon Ironhide (Voyager Class)
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one of my favourite characthers in Transformers. originally release in ROTF in grey colour, now in black color with white stripe. i prefer it without that white stripe though. this time ironhide came with additional cannon, machine gun and blades. totally commando style!

Decepticon Bludgeon (Voyager Class)
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i bought this because of it's cool robot mode - samurai with long katana. samurai worrior is one of my all time favourite character.

Alliance Bumblebee (Deluxe Class)
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i couldn't find any reason i bought this other than it's because of it is.... bumblebee. lol.

there's not much difference between this bumblebee and the first ROTF release bumblebee. below pic shown the first ROTF release bumblebee (left) and alliance bumblebee (right). can you spot the different?

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