Hotwheels Haul - 04/12/2009

after the 7E hw restock not too long ago, now almost (yes i mean almost!) all of the department store in KL is restocking hw cars again since last weekend. this time is the 2010 Classic Packard TH wave. below is what i haul for the past few days.

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i wasn't lucky enough to get any TH in recently restock. most of the time the stock that came in this wave where no TH cars. but i'm still happy with what i got, especially the white ford gt lm and cute bread box truck. :)

i have a dejavu feeling where this wave is going to be like the bagger wave (that flood our market) that we seen ealier this year. reason being is this wave was the first 2010 TH car appear, (same like bagger where it's the first 2009 TH that appear in our market) and most of the case in this wave came with no TH car. and i have this feeling that mattel is going to make another distribution of this wave with a TH car in each box early next year. well let see whether i'm right or wrong later. hehe.


shaz @ kurz said...

is that Ferrari california?? orange?

kuku said...

hmm since you mention now yea it does look like ferrari california from this angle. actually that's corvette C6 (without the R). hehe.

danielh said...

nice 2010 classic packard wave line up, all but the white Ford GT LM is a little bit let down.

kuku said...

yea the white colour of the ford gt lm is not really up to the standard... but, still must sapu. haha.