Litt Tak Haul - 07/10/2009

this is something that i bought from litt tak shop today. somekind of toy cars/vehicles that i really don't know. lol.

it's diecast, it's cute, it's nicely build, and it's cheap! haha.

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first of all, you must be wondering wth was this vehicle. lol. well neither do i know what is it when i bought it. but after some 'googling', finally i found out these vehicle belong to - "Engine Sentai Go-Onger" series (some kind of Power Ranger series. LOL).

the back of the card.

there's a 'train' that carry these vehicle. hmm.... interesting. :D

pic on individual "Engine Sentai Go-Onger" vehicle in next post. lol.


danielh said...

Wow!!!! it's a real bargain!! you get two cars in one single pack and the price are really cheap.
Worth collecting kuku!!

kuku said...

thanks daniel. well there's still plenty laying at litt tak shop. haha.