Hotwheels Haul - 23/10/2009

thank god it's friday again today! it has been wave and wave of new hw restock for the past one week and it's also been a very 'fruitful' week for me. :D i was lucky again today and this time i finally get to see and hold the TH car that went missing on the other store that i got yellow DD the other day - Ford Mustang.

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this car really surprise me with its weight. for such a small size car i was expecting it to be light but it's not. well it's not as heavy as DD or 2008 funny car TH, but i think it's the heaviest 2009 TH car so far that i encounter.

notice anything wrong at the base of the car? it doesn't have the car name imprinted at the base. hmm....

next target is to hunt down the ford mustang TH$, and not for forgot the '53 chevy TH too. hopefully the lady luck will be smilling at me again in the coming weeks. :)

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