Hotwheels Haul - 22/10/2009

i spotted another fresh and new restock in one of the department store today. the stock that hang on the rack was so different from what i've been seeing for the past one week restock in multiple places.

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by glancing at the cars, i'm guessing it's the neet streeter wave (*i yet to see a fresh new streeter wave until today). however, i couldn't locate the streeter even though there's 72 cars in total. well i guess this is another no th car case. anyway, i still went back happily with only this few cars.

finally after months of searching, two more main target gun down. :)

but where is the reventon that suppose to came in this wave?? =.="

i've seen wave and wave of new restock in many places that i visited this week. the good thing is finally we have new restock at last. but the bad thing is different places restock with different type of wave, making collector like me to work extra hard to get all the cars that i want in these different wave....

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