Hotwheels Haul - 20/10/2009

oh man this few days was so crazy, everywhere i go i see new hw restock. this is what we call when it rain, it pour! crazy.....

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still remember these cars that i haul last week? now i know what are the cars that missing from this pic.

frankly, i'm so suprise i could still see the DD hang on the rack in this particular store. so these are some cars that missing from my earlier haul of 2010 cards.

i try to find the th cards on the rack but i couldn't found any. anyway i'm not surprise. tell me which collector will leave DD on the rack but only take the th cards? get what i mean?

there are still plenty of 2010 viper, beetle bug, merc, tooligan etc cars on the racks. if you follow my blog frequently you'll know which store is this.

and this is another sighting at another store.

happy hunting! and make sure you be a 'clean' hunter.

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