Hotwheels 2009 Ferrari California (Red)

this car sit on the top of my wanted list for 2009 hw car. yes i want this more than any other 2009 cars! it's ferarri, it's red colour, it look just perfect to me. :D

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the score:

1. Design : 20
- full marks! haha. i just love the whole outlook of this car.
2. Colour/Tampo: 16
- it's just plain red. but isn't ferrari suppose to be red?
3. Weight : 12
- this car is small and plastic base. so it score poorly in this category.
4. Popularity : 20
- disappearing from the rack very fast.
5. Rarity : 15
- each box came with 3 cars. so should be able to find it on the rack if you really determind to find it. but because it's popular, so you won't get to see it hang on the rack very long.

Total Score: 83%


Porcupine said...

Seems that bro kukubeh now busy hunting for HW.
Still anticipating a post on SD Gundams!

kuku said...

haha. sorry ya bro a lot of hw post recently cause they restocking new stock everywhere. hehe. i'll post some of the SD i bought recently later. :)