Old But New Wave?

New wave new wave! yay! hehe.

if you've been collecting hot wheels for a while, i guess you'll know actually this is not a new wave. :p in fact this is last year GMC Motorhome wave that hit our shore last year around april-may. i was desperately looking for this wave last year but i couldn't locate any of them. this wave was very very short run and only landed in a couple of hypermarket in klang valley area.

finally out from no where i found these GMC wave cars hang on the rack in one of the hypermarket today. i don't know why these old car wave re-appear again at this point of time, but what i know is i'm as happy as i found a new wave! :D


saruman said...

wow! R32!!!! I want 1!!!


Wow so many nice cars there, this one maybe lost for one year and then just found the stock at the store room. Anyway very nice.

kuku said...

saruman - i want 3! :p

py - luckily is this box that lost in the store room, not the qombee or bagger wave. :p