Hot Wheels 2004 - Hardnoze Batmobile

today featuring one of my favourite hot wheels batmobile - the hardnoze batmobile.

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some people might not like this hardnoze version of batmobile because of the wierd big head looking of the cars, but for me the design is just perfect for this batmobile!

head on with another version of hot wheels batmobile - the crooze' batmobile


Danny said...

man, the flame tampos on the batmobile is awesome! :D

danielh said...

this hardnoze version are unique!!
nice casting, i have these version too,hehe.

kuku said...

danny, daniel - thanks.

Lancerion said...

This is the only Hardnoze I have, the other ones don't really interest me.

kuku said...

i generally like all the hardnoze cars. another one that i like the most is the hardnoze dodge neon. :)

Kin said...

Hi kuku,
Although is out of porpotion but is unique for a piece of artwork.
I like the idea of this car projecting.

Good collection.