Some Random Picture On Site

nothing much, some of the pic that i took past few weeks while looking out for new hot wheels wave.

can't believe that still can find CP at this point of time...

some traces or rat and ghost. still can't find the mother of all rat. :p

new product from maisto - Fithty5 Custom Shop. i'm very impress with the its wheels and infact i think it's much better than all hot wheels rubber wheels that i've seen. too bad my camera can't take a proper close up shoot of it. very tempted to buy them but i guess i'll wait for discount first. :p


ronnychee96 said...

Nice POS !!! Still can score the CP from the peg???? Great!!he he!

kuku said...

ya i think the CP stock are from their store room. lol. just nice la since i given away 'some' to ppl. hehe! :p