Hot Wheels Field Report - 2010/05/04

encounter some of the new hot wheels product today which i think worth mention here.

conjuction with Toy Story 3 cartoons which going to be aired in our local cinema, mattel is lauching some of the new hot wheels toys story product. these are some of the new product that hit our shore recently. (click on the pic to see it in bigger size.)

this set came with 'rex rider'.

this set came with 'little green speedster'.

all the cars that available in hot wheels toys story. i like that 'lotso speed' the most. :)

some of non toys story hot wheels new product. made with plastic, i'll give it a pass...

and also some new hot wheels track set. only interested with the mercy breaker that came in the set.

took this pic in jusco maluri this evening. 1 carton of fresh new ratbomb wave on the rack but th car is missing.

after i took this pic, guess what? finally i got to see the guy that resposible for all the missing th car from jusco maluri. a 40+ (or 50) age guy with long curly hair (tied in pony tail) came and took the ratbomb th from the toy section counter. and guess who pass him the TH? yea is that mattel consignment lady staff that i was suspecting all the time.... she took out the ratbomb th from the drawer and hand it over to that guy, in front of all her other staff. geez.... i was watching all these from a distance and i think that guy did notice i was watching him too.

anyway, i took this incident as personal note and i'm kind of satisfied that after 1.5 year i've been hunting in this jusco, finally i can confirm my suspicios and put the final nail to the coffin. i hope this information is usefull to other 'new' hw collectors so that you don't 'buta-buta' (blindly) hunt up and down in this jusco hoping to land the TH car. lol. but, if TH is not your game, then this jusco is still a good hunting ground for other hw cars cause they restock very frequently.

so if you ask me after all these will i still be hunting in this jusco? my answer is why not? hehehe. let the insider take the TH car and i'm still happy to get the other hw and matchbox car which is much better than TH car. :D

btw i think i've seen this guy before but where ya? hmm....

happy hunting! :)


danielh said...

jusco is not and never my hunting ground because of the presence of the manning staff and the consignment staff and not to mentioned ever famous insider are always there but no matter how they hogging on the first case of new hw arrive, there is always a chance that the green will slip and end up on the pegs.
thanks for the info.

ronnychee96 said...

insider rules!!!! No Problemo!! Still got other ways to get the TH!! He he !!
Me too...my chances of scoring the th from the peg is way too low!!
Thanks for sharing the info..bro!

kuku said...

daniel - yes only the qombee TH will slip to the rack. :p. but seriously i don't bother about insider anymore like i used to. i'll still drop by there there from time to time to pick up other cool cars. :)

ronny - insider can keep the TH, i'll grab all the VW fastback, DD and Ecto-1. :p

Anonymous said...

ya i agree wif u bro, let the insider take the thunt, as long they don take d rest of nice cars would b ok, i wan ecto-1!!! got some more? keke.. waitin for my ecto-1 frm u :)

kuku said...

mbclub - enjoy the ecto-1 when you received it! :)

Andrew Cham said...

i think it's the fella selling at amcorp near giant~

Arun said...

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