Hot Wheels Speed Machines - Ferrari 599XX (Red), Corvette C6R (Red)

after searching for almost a month, finally manage to grab these 2 red cars that's highly sought after by almost all hot wheels collectors at the moment.

Ferrari 599XX (Red)
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this ferrari 599XX is totally awesome. a must have car for all hot wheels collectors! hopefully this casting will appear in basic car series in future.

Corvette C6R (Red)
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zacktan said...

congrats! i'm still looking for one

kuku said...

thanks zack. give it some time for other department store to restock and i'll keep an eye for you too. :)

Danny said...

u're not planning to uncard them? hehe..

kuku said...

i already did danny. how can a collector resist the temptation to uncard such a beauty! :D will take more photo of it later.

Danny said...

haha, i thought u havent, judging from the pics above. :p Congrats on finding the 599XX. looks like it has perfect tampo too. :D

ronnychee96 said...

Both r just perfect!! Nice tampo & colour!!