Hot Wheels New Wave - 2010/05/12

spotted new hot wheels wave today. this pic was taken at my 'favourite' jusco. lol. see anything that you interested?

just barely a week ago they restock, today they restock again with the new stock. that is why i say except for the thunt car, it's still not a bad place to hunt for other cars. hehe.

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anyway, these was the only cars i bought from that jusco. have to be very selective in buying nowdays cause each hot wheels basic cars cost almost same as one McD value meal!

Nerve Hammer and Scion XB. i can foresee these 2 will be highly sough after by hw collector in this wave.

Impavido and VW Scirocco GT 24

2010 Ford Shelby GT500 and 56 Ford F-100. notice any different between this 56 Ford F-100 with the earlier red colour release? yea this one doesn't come with the openable front hoot... oh common mattel you can do better than this...

spotted this huge pile of hot wheels "DDT" case as well today! wuhuu!!! i would be extremely happy if i spotted this in other department store/places. lol. but considering this pile is spotted at our ever famous mid valley TRU, i have totally lost my interest on finding what's inside those case. so i just took this pic and walk away. from my guessing it must be the latest hw wave that i spotted in jusco earlier.

so if you are looking for cars in the new hot wheels wave, perhaps it's a good idea to check out this TRU from time to time as the stock replenish to the rack.

oh btw, these new wave cars is 'C09', if you know what i mean. :)


danielh said...

wow! new wave is out already. Yes,had to be selective as the price are not that cheap anymore.

Surprise to see the whole load of hw cases in the TRU MV. As you mentioned, i think most the boxes has already been opened and i sure that we are not able to score any single TH here.


Nice report....by the way isn't DDT camaro wave. Err and whats up with the C09??

kuku said...

daniel - even if it's still seal i'll also think twice to open or not. dun want later my face appear in youtube being accuse as insider in TRU. lol. :p

py - thanks. is DDT camaro wave? can't really remember those code on the boxes cause they keep changing and sometime even repeated. that's why i always remember the wave by looking at code printed at the bottom of the car. and that 'C09' is the code printed on the all car that came in this new wave.

Porcupine said...

Bro kukubeh!
Really want to visit your house to see your giant collection of the cars!!!
Maybe can post some photos of your collection shelf?

kuku said...

thanks bro porcupine! my current house doesn't allow me to have a proper place to display my collection. i just have a small DIY rack to display all my loose car. i'll take some pic and post in my blog later. :)


DDT is definitely Camaro wave. But as to whether the camaro is in there or not is another story :)