A Parcel From Philippine!

received this parcel a few days ago. came all the way from the philipines!

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it's the 65 volkswagen fastback. :)

these 65 VW fastback are the 2010 Phil Garage Target Exclusive first colour. i'll take a more pic when i set loose one of this beauty. :)

many thanks to 'Brian' for trading these 2 beautiful VW fastback with me. it first started as a message on the blog chat box, and who knows 10 days later the items already arrived at my door steps! that was fast! i'm gratefull that he trusted me by sending the item to me first. i'll be sending my trade items to him tomorrow and hopefully it will arrive safely to him as well.

oh btw, many thanks for the free gift plymouth barracuda! :)


danielh said...

wah!!! t want that fastback!!! nice trade kuku, these are really most wanted stuff, let alone the casting are fastback by Phil's garage!

congrats !

kuku said...

thanks daniel. i've been looking for these fastback for quite sometime as well. i'm lucky to have a person that willing to trade with me. :)

ronnychee96 said...

wow!! Most Wanted cars!! Wish i can have one!!
Congrats on getting that..2 pcs somemore!!

kuku said...

thanks ronny.

Anonymous said...

wow!! awesome trade.. veri niceeeee , waitin for the loose pic ><

kuku said...

thanks mymbclub. :)