Hasbro Mighty Muggs - Iron Man Mark VI, War Machine

stumble upon new restock of Mighty Muggs during lunch time today in one of TRU downtown.

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these 2 kits is totally awesome and i grab it without a second thought! :D the only downsite of this is it cost RM69.90 which is RM20 more than normal retail price of mighty muggs. =.="" anyway, i'm still happy going back with these 2 beauty. hehe.

these iron man 2 mighty muggs was release in conjuction with the latest iron man 2 movie that's going to be aired in our local cinema soon. a must buy for all mighty muggs collector and even for casual collector like me. :D i'm sure it won't last on the rack for long. we shall see. hehe.

i really hope hasbro can come out with more Marvell mighty muggs like this in our local market in future.

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