Hotwheels Hunting Report - 30/05/2009 Part 1

some of you may already know i collect hotwheels car. i pickup this hobby late last year after i saw those cool ferrari racer series car in one of the department store. ok cut the story short, let start my blog entry with a bang, shall we?

today i decided to do some hw hunting in those places that i seldom go hoping to find GMC wave (yeah i'm desperate for GMC wave now. lol). so, i decided to visit a place that i last visited since few months ago. in fact, this is only my second visit to that place.

upon reaching that place, i saw fresh new hw stock on the rack. even though i'm not familiar with the restock frequency of this store, i know it's fresh new stock cause those hot/popular car model is there and all the cards is still so tidy hanging on the rack. feeling so excited i do what the regular hw hunter will do - scanning for the green card! my heart was pumping fast when i start to search. as i scan through the rack, my heart start to slow down and by the time i finish scanning all the rack, my heart break..... guess what? no TH! i can see there must be at least 5 cartons of car hanging on the rack but the TH card is no where to be found! how frustrated that can be!

ok fine. i told my self somebody must have come earlier than me and it's not my luck today. so, i decided take my time and choose some reg car that i like. when i about to leave, i saw one very familiar box hiding behind some of the toys. i pull out the box and yes! my guessing was right. it was a hw toy car box.

as when i pull out the box to the floor, i was expecting a full carton of cars. but to my disappointment the box is very light and i can also hear there are only a few cards in the box. my first thought was inside must be those blimp or damage card that they cannot hang on the rack. but when i open up the box, i get the shock of my life of hw hunting! see below pic.

i know what you all are thinking. i'm thinking the same too.
the store location will be reveal in part 2 very soon. stay tune.
to be continue....


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Congratz. Glad it end up in your hands.

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