Hotwheels Field Report - 10/06/2009

this was the 6th TH qombee that i encounter since the last 3 days. i see qombee wave everywhere!! geez.... i'm sure it will take quite sometime for those store to clear all the qombee wave stock before they are going to restock again. which mean GMC wave could be a really short wave after all. arrrgggg.... however, i'm still keeping my finger cross for GMC wave to arrive! so many nice car in the GMC wave and i really don't want to miss the boat.

anyway, i leave that TH card there for other people to score. i have way too many TH qombee already. i have decided to leave TH qombee on the rack from today onwards if i encounter them again. of course if it's TH$ then that's another story. :)

by the way, how many same TH you think is enough for you? 10? 20? 30? of course i have my own figure, but how about you?

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