Deformover Dygenguar

one parcel arrive from Japan today. a kit that i've been long waiting for - Deformover Dygenguar!

i first saw this kit last year when it was just a prototype. the moment i saw this kit i told my self i must have it! i like this kit very much. the design, metallic colour, weapon, all look awesome to me. :D
this kit is produce by MegaHouse and it cost 5,500yen, which approximately RM210. below are the box art.

below are some pic from gamu toys. more pics can be found in gamu toys - http://gamu-toys.info/sonota/sonota/dfo01/dfo01.html

will took more pic of this kit later when i took it out from the box.

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AmD said...

i wan ur pics..nicer..hehe :-D