Hot Wheels Toy Story 3 - Lotso Speed

i bought this cute litte car from the toy shop at the KLIA airport when i was back from my taiwan trip. this is also my first hot wheels toy story car series that i bought.

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the lotso speed design is actually a truck mimicking bulldog. but why bulldog rather than bear??? :p anyway, i like it's design very much. great job and kudos to whoever in mattel that design this car.

i like look in this angle. like a bulldog that ready to pounce. hehe.

lotso speed with his big brother. :p

face off with another purple truck.

eventhought the size is small, but this car doesn't feel as light as what i first thought. the metal base really added weight to this small little car, easily outweight most of the hot wheels basic cars.

after seing and playing with this car personally, now i really feel like getting a few more pieces of this to keep it carded. :)


shaz @ kurz said...

wah big brother so macho!
sure he has inferiority complex!
hahaha :P

saruman said...

this Lotso speed looks so cool...

Kin said...

Hi Kuku,

I love all "TOY STORY" 's character.



kuku said...

kurz - big brother don't play play. :p

saruman - oh yea cool indeed!

kin - i love their character too, not not some of it's diecast car. =.="

danielh said...

nice and lovely colors!

kuku said...

^ amen! :p