Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline - Your Verdict?

how much would you pay for this nissan skyline?

and how about this one?

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i stumble upon a listing of above 2 nissan skyline bid in ebay recently. guess how much a person is willing to pay for the above loose skyline?

see here:

and here:

So what do you think will be the fair price for those skyline? And all this while you think the TH$ nissan skyline is the most expensive nissan skyline eh? LOL.

Anyway, luckily i don't need to go through the bidding war cause i already have both of them! :p enjoy the pic!


shaz @ kurz said...

that japan one cantik lah
must send to loon for front and back lights detailing..heheh :P

mushr00m said...

simply nice... Don't even have any of them... congrats bro..

kuku said...

kurz - lol. i can still can live with it without detailing. hehe.

mushroom - thanks bro. it took me a while to get them too. plus a little bit of luck. :)

al falah generation said...

very nice that KUKU....!!!!awesomee!!!

danielh said...

wahh! i like it.

kuku said...

al falah - thanks for drop by.

daniel - i like them too. lol.

ronnychee96@hobbiescorner said...

warrgh!! lmk when u wanna let it go!! LOL!!
Now..everyone dreaming of owning it after saw ur post here!! ehehehe!

shaz @ kurz said...

so how much u willing to pay?
1st link or 2nd link of ebay?

kuku said...

ckh - i will consider to let it go if you willing offer me the same USD price like the ebay link i shown. lol. and dun forget to add USD12 for shipping though. :p

kown said...

hahaaa.. scary la dgn that price..huhuu.. so how bout MailIn 69 charger? :D

Kin said...

Hi Kuku ,

How are you lately ? I hope you are doing great.

Very hot & spicy Nissan Skyline.


Cheers :)


kuku said...

@kown - mail in 69 charger is on the way! :)

@kin - i'm fine and being very very busy with work and family recently. thanks for dropping by. :)