Picture On Site (POS) - 09/02/2010

it has been a while since i last post POS. my long faithful mobile phone that i've been using for 5 years finally has decided to gone 'kuku'. lol. just got a new phone from a forummer/friend - 'kurz' so now POS is back in business.

firstly is this pic that i capture in TRU today. looks like some TRU is restocking some Jada diecast car.

2 of the nice car that worth mention here:

2005 Corvette C6R

awesome car with awesome tampo. i'm very sure it will dissapear from the rack fast.

2008 Dodge Viper SRT10

this car came with shinning chrome maron red paint. i'm so loving it! :)

also found today is the new 1:43 hotwheels Ferrari that came with a nice display casing. this is much better than the earlier 1:43 hotwheels Ferrari that's only came in carded blister. and the price for this new one (RM39.90) is cheaper than the earlier (RM44.90) one too. but i'm holding my horse first for this. hehe.

this was found yesterday. the new hotwheels batmobile series and a classic pakard. one is RM33.90 and another one is RM6.90, guess which one did i bought???

answer is non of the 2 lol. i already have quite a number of packard, so i guess it's better to leave it for other people to own it. besides, i have a feeling that packard is also left by another person that came earlier than me.

this was found yesterday too. no way i'm going to leave this on the rack. haha. :p

thanks for looking and hope u enjoy my POS story. :)


shaz @ kurz said...

i notice C6R the tampo almost same with HW SM C6R.
rm10 more for the rubber tires though..hehe

hui but the new 1:43 looks interesting
but since im already settle on 1:64 probably not gonna go into that yet..heheh

EricG said...

yo bro!

are the new 1:43 Ferarris any better than the older blister pack ones? And you're lucky for scoring another TH$ CP.. Yesterday just wasn't my luck, I guess..sigh

saruman said...

you lucky man.....

danielh said...

wow!! i like that white C6R! and good to you to leave that CP for others. Kudos to you my friend!

Can i know which TRU is it? as what i know not many TRU restock with new wave.

kuku said...

kurz - i think HW SM C6R tampo is better. i don't mind to add anthoer RM10 if mattel 'upgrade' thier SM with rubber wheels. :)

EricG - thanks. i'm not sure cause i didn't bought this new one yet. better luck next time my friend. btw ur torino is much better than then the CP la. :D

saruman - thanks. 90% hardwork, 10% lucky. :)

daniel - that TRU is the one near my working area. :) but the stock is very limited only have one each.


Nice work kuku :)

danielh said...

thanks for the info, now i know where is it.

kuku said...

thanks py.