Hot Wheels Classic Series 5 - Convoy Custom (Black)

here you go, the chase Convoy Custom from hot wheels classic series 5.

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design by Larry Wood, convoy custom make its first debut in hot wheels classic series 5 in 2009. with metal body and metal base, this place the convoy custom among the other hot wheels heavy weight casting. this unit is painted with spectraflame black. totally awesome!

head on with hasbro transformers RPMs optimus prime.

custom convoy in it's carded form.

convoy custom is still a relatively new casting but this doesn't demper its popularity among the hw collector. in fact, this casting is one of the highly sough after casting besides VW Drag Bus and Diary Delivery. To date, there are only 6 different colours being produced:

- Blue (Classic Series 5)
- Black (Classic Series 5)
- Dark Green (Classic Series 5 Box Set - Wal-Mart Exclusive)
- Pink (Classic Series 5 - Special event and HWC only )
- Metallic Copper (Conventional Dinner Car)
- Yellow (Slick Rides)

refer to here for more info - http://hotwheels.wikia.com/wiki/Convoy_Custom


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awesome convoy custom!

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thanks bigboss, daniel. :)

shaz @ kurz said...

i hope they use this convoy as optimus in the 3rd movie instead! heheh