Happy Chinese New Year 2010 !!

today mark the last day of the Ox year in chinese lunar calendar. and tomorrow all the chinese people around the world will be celebrating and welcoming a new year - the year of Tiger!

i take this opportunity to wish everybody a happy chienese new year. may the year of tiger bring more properity, good luck and the most important thing - good health to everybody.

*above beatiful piece of work is created by one of our very creative hotwheels collector in LYN - qombee. love it very much that i just have to put it in my blog! haha. thanks qombee!

*almost forget tomorrow is also velentines day. hehe. wishing everybody a happy valentines day too!


danielh said...

Happy Chinese New year to you too kuku!
may this tiger year will brings more luck and prosperous years and good hunting too!!

kuku said...

happy CNY to you too daniel!