Hot Wheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series (E Case)

another delivery slick rides delivered and this time is the E case.

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all the cars that came in this E case.

some of the cars are actually repeated in the C case that i bought before. so i only listed here the cars that are different from the C case. you can refer to here for all the car in the C case: http://kukuspace.blogspot.com/2010/01/hotwheels-2010-delivery-slick-rides.html

Cool-One - really a cool one indeed. one of my favourite casting.

Volkswagen Deluxe - another casting that i really like in this case.

55 Chevy Panel - one of many collector favourite casting.

34 Ford - reminded me on the woodie woodpecker cartoon that i watch many many years ago.

some of the double/duplicate casting will be put on sale soon.


danielh said...

very nice series!!!!! i like that cool one slick rides series, with attracting moon eyes decals on it. i guess that this casting has been snap up by now, hehe....

kuku said...

thanks daniel. yes the cool-one is a cool one in deed. :)