Hotwheels Field Report - 01/07/2009 Part 2

let's continue when the toy department supervisor approach me. she ask me not to touch those boxes. i ask her why, she just reply me don't touch it 'lah'. then i ask her all this not for sales? she says it's not for sales yet. so if not for sales, can i just at least look what's in the box? she say i can't look what inside the box also. from there onwards the conversation just goes down hill and she didn't even ask me what i'm looking for and offer me help. what she want is just stay away from those boxes. lol.

btw, i didn't argue with her, i know it's no point argue with her also. since the boxes already been filtered, no point i continue argue with her. i'm not desperate for those camaro TH also. lol. i already have enough for myself. i'm just thinking why can't she just give a better reason like some of her staff or herself is also a HW collector so they will took those TH when the stock arrive. i believe if she would to say like this then the situation will be a lot more different.

anyway, i thought only one staff here are insider from my previous incident, but now even the supervisor.... so the conclusion: this place is doom.

before i leave, i take a look at her name tag. she notice that and says "if you want to take my name and report go ahead." lol. i just shake my butt and leave.

oh ya, this is Carrefour Cheras. :)

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