Hotwheels 7 Eleven Haul - 28/07/2009

i was on my way back home from office today when i decided to drop by in one 7E which located on a busy main road in KL. it's already 2 days since the hw promo started, and knowing that this area is frequently patrol by some other hw collector, i wasn't expecting much.

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as usual, i'll ask the staff is there anymore new stock arrive and not been displayed. the staff told me yes and bring out a box which consist of all the bad bagger wave cars but there is no TH in the box. when i was about to leave the store, i heard the staff asking me from behind - 'bang ada 2 lagi, abang nak'? (there are 2 more, do you want it). i turn around, then MySpace . she is holding 2 TH bad bagger and one of it is a TH$! without any hesitate, i took both the TH, pay RM10, and ask her to keep the change. haha.

now i have 2 TH$ bad bagger. This should keep me happy for a couple of weeks! MySpace

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