Hotwheels Field Report - 06/07/2009

i notice there was quite a number of places been restock with hw stock since last week, hw deliveries truck must have been very busy for the last couple of days. :D however, instead of restocking for the new wave, our market been flooded with the old wave, again! sigh....

i can see most of the places was restock with qombee and camaro wave... is mattel using us as a dumping ground for all the left over stock after distributed to other countries? like one of my friend said Malaysia market is like the 'Alam Flora' of hw. lol.

Anyway, this is my POS of the day. at least it's not qombee or camaro. :p. i'm still keeping my finger cross for the bad badger TH$ though...

btw, for those of you that still looking for the latest ferrari racer 575 GTC, there are some fresh restock in Parkson Sg Wang last saturday. Do check out your nearest Tesco too because Tesco is having a promotion RM10.90 for the ferarri races series.

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