Lego Haul - 2011/03/27

since this is my first lego posting in my blog, let start it will a bang shall we. lol. these are some of the lego that i bought from the past few days:

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this box set is awesome! can't believe i still can get it 25% off the retail price.

it come with 9 minifigures and 2 trolls. love the trolls very much.

now i have some soldier to sieage the orc castle. hehe.

the new release lego pharaoh's quest box set. another cool box set that all lego collector must have.

this is also a new lego release - ninjago series. i only bought this one. it's not cheap even bought it with retail price, but can't resist the evil nuckal!

complete sets of lego minifigures series 2 with all 16 minifigures. another spartan added to my spartan army! :p

some darthvader for me and my office colleague back in KL.

really can't wait to bring it back home and have a good time with my family assembling them.


shaz @ kurz said...

darthvader keychain so cute!

kuku said...

too bad it doesn't come with light saber.... :(