Parcel from Ebay - 2011/03/13 (Part 1)

after beeing away for 3 weeks business trip oversea, so i went to collect my parcel from local post office yesterday. didn't expect it to be so many arrived at the same time. have to make 2 trip to my car to carry them into my house. hehe.

of so many parcel, this is the one i've been eagerly waiting for.

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open sesame!

first layer.

second layer.

all the cars in the box. can you guess what cars are those?

will reveal it in in my next post. stay tune. :)


hokuan said...

Woah!! So many parcels!!

Danny said...

Hmm... looks like a lot Jap tuners.. :P

shaz @ kurz said...


kuku said...

hokuan - ya didn't expect them to arrive at the same time also.

danny - got one mustang there. :D

kurz - what to do, can't haul locally when oversea. :p

Danny said...

Eh, there is? hmm, the one at the top left corner? :D

Anonymous said...

wowww... thats reali lot and lots of loose car.. show us more!!!

kuku said...

danny - yes. that white one.

mbclub - i can't resist loose car. lol.