Hot Wheels 2011 Poster

thanks to Scottie Bee, U.S (which took this photo of this 2011 hot wheels poster), we manage to take a look of the whole 2011 hot wheels line up. lets see what are the cars that i must have in 2011.

* click on the pic to see it iin bigger size.

2011 Premier Series
1. 11' Dodge Challenger Drift Car
2. Lamborghini Gallardo LP540-4 Supper Leggera
3. Megane Trophy
4. Honda S-2000
5. Arkham Arsylum Batmobile6. Mini Challenge
7. Aston Martin One 77
8. Danica Patrick 2010 Chevy Impala
9. 12' Ford Fiesta
10. 2011 New Ferrari
11. New Lamborghini

Treasure Hunts Series
These are the 2 casting that i must have! the rest of the treasure hunt i can live with out them.
12. 57 Chevy
13. 71 Mustang Funny Car

Track Star Series
14. The Batman Batmobile
15. Moris Mini

Theme Segment
* none of above interested me. lol16. Nissan 350Z
17. Nissan Skyline GT-R R32
18. Enzo Ferrari
19. Hoda Civic SI
20. Lamborghini Reventon
21. Porsche 911 GT-2
22. Super Tsunami23. Nissan 370Z
24. Ferrari California
25. Ferrari 458 Italia
26. Boss Hoss Motocycle27. Bread Box
28. Cool One
29. Low Flow
30. Rapid Response

HW Video Game Heroes Series
31. Surfin School Bus

Thrill Racers Series
32. Lotus Sport Elise
33. Ferrari 430 Spider
34. Ducati 1098R
35. Subaru Impreza
36. Ford GT
37. Ferrari 333SP

wow i thought i counted earlier with only around 20 casting that i really want, now why it ended with 37?? :p those car that i listed above are those that i must have. those car that not in my list above doesn't mean i don't like them. some are very nice cars but i'll wait for discount before buying them. :D

so did you counted how many cars that you must get this year? :)


kown said...

tq bro for d list..now easy for me to hunt my favourate car ;)

kuku said...

you are welcome. :)

danielh said...

i thought that i might skip some 2011 cars as they are more than last year.

some japanese cars here are worth for collecting.
thanks for the image.

shaz @ kurz said...

wow thanx for the bigger pics!
now my want-list wud be..

1- danicar
2- fast cash
3- dirty outlaw
4- astro funk
5- fright bike

oo yeah! :w :P

Anonymous said...

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Snowflake said...

today I found 2 cars of... TH Mustang!!!! :)wuwuwu im from mexico ...i got these cars just for 20 pesos

Thank you for these posterss :p