Happy Chinese New Year 2011 !

just want to wish everybody a very happy and prosperous chinese new year! may the year of rabbit bring good health and good luck to everybody.

sorry for a little bit lack of update in my blog recently. i've been very busy with my family and this little angel recently.
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i'm so grateful and thankful to God for this most precious gift. a new member in my family to celebrate the chinese new year this year. :)


shaz @ kurz said...

wow just saw this!
this is the most superb "TH$" yet!

danielh said...

and happy chinese new year to you and your family.

grupo de estudos equipe_3 said...

Hello kuku, how are you?
I was reading your blog and I have decided to start a new blog. So I wanna know if you could add my link at your blog?
But I am from Brazil and I am 12 years old, so you will have to translate te blog to read it, ok?
Thanks, André.

ronnychee96 said...

wow! So cute!!! Happy chinese new year to u and ur family too!!

kuku said...

kurz - TH$ is nothing compare to this. :D

daniel - thanks, and happy chinese new year to you too.

ronny - thank you! happy chinese new year to you too. huat ah!! :p

Andre - you should add google translator in your blog. :)

grupo de estudos equipe_3 said...

Kuku, there is a translator, but the other one I cant't put because it is having some problemans in it,I'm sory. But, please ad my link to your blog because nobody had visited it.

kuku said...

ok my friend, i have added your blog link to my blog. :)

grupo de estudos equipe_3 said...

Thanks my friend, you ara a realy gentle person.