Hot Wheels Haul - 2011/03/21

here are some of my hot wheels finding for the past one week.

some 2011 hot wheels basic cars

some matchbox cars from the latest wave. i heard that the 2008 holden ve ute ssv is very hard to find in australia due to it's popularity with the people there. but i foresee this casting will be peg warmers in malaysia. lol. i like the 2010 fisker karma hybrid the most in this wave. will share some clearer pic when i got time.

there are some new speed machines wave restock too, but i just took one of this Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SV. don't know why every collector in this country is going crazy for this casting. maybe i'm not a lamboghini fan so it doesn't really create the excitement in me compare to when i first saw the ferrari 599xx. lol.

here is the latest 2011 hot wheels garage corvette stingray concept. the first release is in white colour, and this black colour is the second colour in this series.

i think our country is the first in the world to received this latest 2011 hot wheels garage case. i've not even seen this black stingray in U.S or ebay!
there are a few more casting that came in this latest 2011 hot wheels garage wave such as the red ferrari 512M, 65 mercury comet cyclone etc. so does this mean that we are going to miss the garage karmann ghia wave? ah crap! :(


shaz @ kurz said...

lambo cantik laaaaaaaaaahhhhh~~
lolol :P :P

saruman said...

errr.. where did you get the stingray???

kuku said...

kurz - tak lawa laaaaaaaaa. :p

saruman - got it from TRU.

mushr00m said...

wa lao weih bro.. hauling international and local... crazeee man...
anyway, nice stuff.. Have yet to see the Fisker and the Holden..

kuku said...

actually i already cutting down a lot. used to be even more. lol. the fisker is nice. the roof of the car have some carbon fibre effect which i didn't show in the pic. :)

Bubeazy said...

This doesnt seem very active for hwc? Im new n looking for knowledge on this new found hobby

Bubeazy said...

Wheres everyone from on here?