What will you do?

if you stumble upon this pile hot wheels case, what will you do? jumping and dancing in joy? thanks God of hot wheels you finally stuck 'gold'? lol.

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well this is what i stumble upon today, the biggest pile of hot wheels cases that i have seen so far after 3 years of collecting hot wheels. it was really shock to me to see such a huge quantity of restock in this hypermarket. there are at least 50 cases up there!

N and M indicated that this is the latest wave that's been restock in our shore recently. So what will you do? pull a chair start taking down those box by your self? claim 'customer is always right' and open up ALL the box one by one even without asking permission? 'sapu' (hoard) all the TH and other hot car from the box?

if you want to 'explore' those box, please ask the permission from the staff first ya. don't be like some of those DESPERATE collector that trespassing into the hypermarket store room without permission, or start digging out the box and leave a mess of it. understand that 'customer is always right', but i'm sure you don't want to end up beeing escorted out by security or beeing ban from entering the hypermarket again, right?

so guess what i do when i saw those boxes? well believe it or not, i just select some of the cars from the pegs without even touching a single box of those. lol. too much hasle to take down those boxes just for a few car that i want.

so for you that have been looking new restock, you can try your luck in this hypermarket. but from the look of the boxes seems like all has been opened up. so don't put high hope for those hot car like skyline R32 and honda civic ya.

oh ya almost forgot, where is this hypermarket? :)
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jeng jeng jeng! Carefour Ampang.

happy hunting!


ronnychee96@hobbiescorner said...

never i see this kinda situation in my area..mostly restock about 5 boxes only..! But u r right..bro..No way for me too..to "bongkar" all those boxes. So how many can u take..if u really make a good search or open up all the boxes???? Sapued all the greenies ?? he he!! Jus take few for self needed !

kuku said...

it's the first time see so many box also. sapu all the green? for what? make th soup? lol. if this is are the fresh case i stumble, i will take a regular TH for each TH$ that i can find in there. a pair ma! :D the rest can stay in the box for other hoarder to hoard to show of in forum. lol.