Hot Wheels 2011 Cars Of Decades - 69 Mustang

i wasn't a hot wheels 69 mustang collector, but this hot wheels 69 mustang from 2011 cars of decades series really catches my eyes when i first saw it.

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first thing that you'll notice when you hold the car in your hand is the weight of the car. It's heavy! the colour combination and the tampo really blend well, making even a non 69 mustang collector like me hard to resist.

click on pic to view in bigger size.

did you know the front hood can be opened to reveal the engine? :D

a family pics before it all gone to their new respective owner very soon.


shaz @ kurz said...

nice! u intend to collect this series? lambo mana? hehe

ronnychee96@hobbiescorner said...

dayum nice in loose !! Thanks! Then i no need to loose mine!! eheheh! joking!
Btw..this is the only '69 Mustang with openable hood???

kuku said...

kurz - no i'm not. going to sell this loose one also. haha.
ronny - no there are other 69 mustang that openable hood. most of them are the rubber wheels one (meaning not the main line one).

danielh said...

looks colorful and nice in this series!

brigadecar said...

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