2012 Shell Malaysia Lego Promo - Ferrari F150 Italia

got this Ferrari F150 Italia recently in Shell Malaysia with Lego promotion.

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notice there were the number 5 and 6 stickers? this allow you to choose whether you want to built it as Fernando Alonso car (number 5) or Felippe Massa car (number 6).
the extra parts.
comparison with Francesco (from movie Cars 2). my little daughter says this F150 is Francesco girl friend. lol.
there are a total of 6 exclusive lego ferrari cars plus one set of exclusive lego minifigures pack (with 3 minifig) that you can purchase in conjuction with this Shell Malaysia promotion that will run from 8th Nov 2012 until 3rd Feb 2013. from what i see, there are still plenty of stock in Shell. so don't worry everyone will have their piece of pie. :)
for more info about this Shell promotion, please refer to link below: http://www.shell.com.my/home/content/mys/products_services/on_the_road/fuels/lego_ferrari_model_collection_tpkg/ferrari_showroom/about/


Shaira said...

cool toys..i used to play car toys before when i am still young my parents thought if i am lesbian but actually not, i just enjoyed playing it

cash for my car

David John said...
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