Hot Wheels Haul - D Case (2012/11/29)

D case is here!

i have not seen A, B and C case, and now D case is here?? =.=" lots of nice car in this wave. code at the bottom of the car is E43 mix with E42.

almost all the tesco restock this D case at the moment. they have increase their hw price from RM6.90 to RM7.50, but they are running a promotion of buy 2 free 1 starting today until not sure. oh ya i forgot to mention that the fast fish is the hidden treasure in this D case.

btw one side note, it's good that now mattel printed the car name at the bottom of the card instead of on the side. now i do not need to flip the card one by one anymore to spot the car i want, just squad down and you can clearly see all the car name at the bottom on the card.


kown said...

long time no see..nice haul bro

kuku said...

thanks bro. :)