Hot Wheels Haul - Unexpected Find (2012/11/27)

it has been a long long time since i found a hw super TH$ or superise cars, look at what hang on the rack today?
i was expecting the minion pig in this wave but non to be found. infact there is no nice cars to buy from the rack except that superise. not sure the case has been filtered or not but if yes, someone must have been careless and leave the ford torino behind. lol. btw there was one small stories behind this find.

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yesterday me and my colleague was rounding the toys department as usual after lunch. my colleague was not really into hot wheels, but i told him recently hot wheels came out with the angry bird and minion pig and he is very interested to get them. so as usual, we went to one of this department store and start looking for the hw bird and pig. when we arrived at the peg, i notice there was 1 car from then new wave haging on the peg. but the strange thing is there is just this 1 car from the new wave on the rack, the rest are those cars from previous wave that has been rotten on the pegs for donno how long already. i was so excited because i think this new wave came with the minion pig so both me and my colleague can get some.

being a hw collectors for many years and very frequent visit to this department store, i know the rest of the new stock is still keep in the store room. so i took that one and only new wave car and approach the floor manager. below is our conversation:

me: sir, do you still have more of this new hot wheels cars that is still not displayed?
manager: no more, that's all.
(as expected and the answer 99% of the time)
me: can you check in your store room? i think they are still in your store room.
manager: no more, all hang on the rack already.
me: i don't think so because this is the new restock car. those on the rack are the old one.
manager: no more. only 1 case come. 2 days ago. must be customer bought all already only this one left.

(i was like, wow! restock 2 days of 72 cars and left only 1 car. if this hw is selling so good then why you just order 1 case? should have order 10, 20, 30 cases! good business. lol.)
me: it can't be left just one car, one case got 72 cars you mean all sold already?
manager: yes just left this one car.
me: i'm a collector, i know for sure there is more hw in your store room. this is not the first time i visit your toys department. i have been coming here almost daily for 4 years already.
manager: yes i know you are a collector, but no more.

(i know no point argue with him anymore because he is answering me with his arrogrant face.)
me: ok fine if you do not want to bring the stock out then nevermind. it's your sales lost, not me.
manager: yes i know it's my sales, no problem, thank you.

i just don't understand why the manager is so reluctant to bring out the stock for me to buy. and this is not the first time i ask him already when new stock came. it's not that i want to steal the stock, i want to buy, plus the rack is also half empty! i don't know why he want to lie to me. perhaps he reserved the stock for his prefered customer to come and 'filter' first? or maybe he just want to play a fool with me do not want to let me buy? btw isn't every store main objective is to push more sales? or they have change the objective to keep the more stock in store room? lol.

anyway, i went back there again today, and the rest is history shown in above pic. i guess the manager realise it's "DOSA" (sin) to lie that's why today he display everything on the rack. you can lie to a person maybe that come to that place once a month or once a week. but try to lie to a person that drop by the rack EVERYDAY? common la, i know when your stock arrive and i know what day it appear on the rack. don't try to bullsh!t me with all bought by customer or hang on the rack few days already.

ok enought rant. close up pic.

anyone want this torino it's available for trade. leave me a message here in the comment section.

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