Hotwheels 7E Promotion - The End (23/08/2009)

it has been almost a month since 7E started the ramadan promotion on HW/MB cars. and today mark the last day of the promotion in 7E. i do most of my hw/mb car hunting in the first 3 days of the promotion. after that, i just randomly drop by into the 7E that i pass by.

for those of you frequently hunt in 7E, i'm sure you'll ask this question when you wailk into 7E - "bang/dik/kak, ada stock hw lagi tak?" (mean is there any more hw stock that's not been displayed?). i'm sure you'll get some familiar/same answer from the staff. haha. i hereby present you the top 10 answer from the 7E staff:

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10. "itu saja, takda lagi"
(that's all we have)

9. "semua dah display kat sana."
(all has been displayed on the rack)

8. "stock baru belum sampai."
(new stock hasn't arrived yet)

7. "semua stock hw tu sama je."
(all hw stock are the same)

6. "dah takde sebad tadi ade satu abang tu dah beli semua."
(no more stock cause it's been bought by another person just now."

5. "apesal hari ni ramai yang tanya pasal stock hw ni?"
(why today there are so many people asking about hw stock) lol

4. "ade, abang nak beli semua ke?"
(yes we have, you want to buy all of it?) =.="

3. "abang ni vendor ke?"
(are you the hw supplier?) lol

2. "ade stock baru tapi tak boleh display dulu sebab promotion belum mula."
(we have new stock but i can't display it yet cause the promotion it not started yet) =.="

and here is the no.1 quote i got from one of the 7E staff:

1. "ade stock baru tapi takleh keluarkan sebab manager dah simpan kat safety box "
(i can't take out the new stock cause our store manager keep it in the safety box). LMAO!

well this 7E promotiopn is kind of blessing to me. althought i only got to know the promotion news late, i'll still manage to get some of nice hw/mb car that i want. and this is my ultimate haul in this round of 7E promo:-

all the best in next 7E promo ya!

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danielh said...

yeap!, i've also encounters and received some of the common replies but for the no.1 quote, i can't help laughing..haha!!!