Parcel From Japan - 06/08/2009 (Updated)

this parcel arrive from japan few weeks ago. i get very excited everytime when i received parcel from japan. cause i only order from japan for things that i desperately want which i can't find in local hobby/toy shop. hehe.

try to guess what is the content?

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it's the super deform (SD) macross frontier. the price i paid to get it ship to here is more expensive than the price of the item it self! MySpace . well too bad i just can't resist the poison of these SD macross frontier.

pic of individual mecha coming soon in new post.


danielh said...

i can't wait too........ my guess should be latest tomica limited series.Hope to see the content..hehe!

HACKEN said...

Some crabs, scallops & abalone from Japan?

kuku said...

lol it's not related to food. the answer is up.

danielh said...

well, the box finally open already!!!! super deform macross frontier!!!!!