SD Macross Frontier

these items are produce by Banpresto as a prize items for macross frontier. Ichiban KUJI Premium Macross Frontier is sold only in Japan's convenience store as lottery. customer buy a ticket with 800yen which allow them to pull out a letter (randomly from a blind box) to tell them which item they won.

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it's kinda limited items cause this item is never officially sold by Banpresto, thus resulting the items price was jack sky high by some online store/seller. however, i manage to get these set of items from an online store at a very reasonable price, just before it gets sold out 2 days later. MySpace

VF-25F Alto Battroid

VF-25S Ozma Armored Gerwalk

VF-27 Brera Battroid

Klan Queadluun Rhea

Raramia Queadluun Rhea

the official site of Ichiban KUJI Premium Macross Frontier - http://kuji-club.jp/files/premium/macross_f/p/top.html


danielh said...

This macross figurines is interesting kuku!!!
too bad it's not available here.A lot of macross fan will love it.Thanks for sharing!!!

kuku said...

thanks for constantly dropping by daneil. :)