Transformer ROTF - Grindor, Longhaul

manage to get this from one of the department store in KL yesterday.

Grindor (Voyager Class)
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remember the fighting scene where optimus prime fight with megatron and the other 2 decepticons in the forest in ROTF movie? yes one of the decepticons in that scene is grindor. grindor look exactly the same like 'blackout' (the heli that appear in the first transformer movie). infact i think they are the same. maybe grindor is blackout long lost brother? :p

in the first transformer movie, i was amaze by blackout 'smooth' transformation from heli to robot mode. although grindor doesn't get as many scene to appear in ROTF movie compare to blackout in the first movie, no way i'm going to skip grindor. hehe. oh, btw this kit came with a mini scorponok. :)

Longhaul (Voyager Class)
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this is the first constructicon that i bought. i didn't buy 'rampage' neither the 'mixmaster' that was release earlier becuase of its ugly robot more. however, longhaul is a different story. not like rampage and mixmaster, longhaul robot mode resemblem more like 'human' shape. if you look carefully at its upper arm, it has some sort of hidrolic mechanism, which seldom see in other transformer kit. but i was more attracted by its vechicle mode, which is a big dump truck. :)

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