Tomica Limited 0062 - Bandai Supra

got this not to long ago. one of my favourite JGTC car and i'm so excited when i finally have it.

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i love this car, the colour, the tampo, the design, it's just perfect to me. hehe. perhaps is bacause of the BANDAI words on the car attracted me the most, because Bandai is the manufacturer of my beloved SD Gundam. :D

a special thanks to PJToyCar which introduce me to one of his friend that selling this car. and btw, there are another 2 tomica limited JGTC cars that i bought together with this. stay tune!


danielh said...

Yes, it must be on of your favourites JGTC car and you never miss it. This car are also one of the favourites among japan racing fan and not to be left out are those strikng liveries and real rubber tyres!

kuku said...

thanks daniel. i'm on my quest to complete the whole TL JGTC car series. :)