Gundam SD Group Build in LowYat.net

some friend in lowyat.net has started a Gundam SD (super deformed) group build. there are prizes to be won if you are new comers but i'm participating just for the fun of it. :)

this will be the SD kit that i'm going to do for the group build - Death Scythe.

some snap fit pics of this SD.

please come and join us in this fun event. you can refer to below link for more information on this group build.


i'll show case my work in progress of this SD in my blog from time to time. and hopefully i can complete everything within this 2 months.


shaz @ kurz said...

woot2 at last a gunpla build!
some more D-Hell weee~

kuku said...

you got a few SD also right? jom la join. :D

shaz @ kurz said...

i tak de paint.. :(

Kin said...

Hi Kuku ,

Last month my father in-law just brought one for my son.