Hot Wheels 2009 Ferrari Racers Series - The final missing 6 !

while most of the hot wheels collector busy hunting for the new speed machine wave this few days, i'm on my quest to hunt down these 6 last final missing prancing horse all over the department store in KL.

click on below for individual car pic.

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Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Ferrari 365 GTB4

Ferrari 550 Maranello - the most beautiful and also the most hardest to find among the 6 pcs.

Ferrari GTO

Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Ferrari 430 Spider

this final 6 cars of the ferrari racer series was suppose to be released in 2009 before being replaced by speed machines series. however only 18 cars manage to land in our shore last year. most of the collectors (including me) was thinking all hope is gone with these last 6 cars after the arrival of the speed machines series this year.

anyway, i'm so glad these final 6 missing pieces has finally arrived in our shore. and this also marks the completion of my total 24 cars of 2009 ferrari racer series. will take a group photo of all the 24 cars soon. stay tune! :)


shaz @ kurz said...

otsukare sama~!! :D
550 droool~ :P

Kin said...

Hi Kuku ,

Superb collection on this Ferrari racing series.

Never hear from you for long time.What happen ? Hope to see you soon.


kuku said...

kurz - 550 only got 1....

kin - thanks. quite busy with my work currently. :)