Hot Wheels 7 Eleven Promotion - 2010/11/29 to 2011/01/02

yes it's hot wheels and matchbox promotion time again in 7-Eleven. these are some of cars that you can find in 7E this time around.

for hot wheels, basically the wave that restock in 7E store are the cadillac and shelby cobra wave with the ratio of 70% (cadillac wave) and 30% (shelby cobra) wave. most of the cars in shelby wave is the mix of cars in cadillac wave and ford gtx1 wave. so there's nothing to shout about on the cars in this shelby wave other than the TH shelby cobra it self....

for matchbox, look out for the highly sought after blue civic type-r and white mini cooper. hot wheels speed machine came with the mix of the yellow ferrari 599xx and black ferrari 599xx wave.

below is the price of hot wheels and matchbox during this promotion for the record:

1. hot wheels basic cars - RM4.90 (normal price RM6.90)
2. matchbox basic cars - RM4.50 (normal price RM6.90)
3. hot wheels speed machines - RM12.90 (normal price RM14.90)
4. hot wheels colour shifter - RM15.90 (normal price RM16.90)

happy hunting. :)


kown said...

i still hunt for TH$ caddy..very hard to find this TH$..anyway nice score bro ;D

shaz @ kurz said...

weee~~ buy buy buy

kuku said...

kown - thanks bro. not only this th$, all of the th$ is hard to find. it need a lot of hard work and luck. good luck to you!

kurz - i only buy 10% compare to last year promotion. lol.

GadgetFreQ said...

Bcoz of you i also hunting in 7-E. Anyway I pm'ed u in lowyat forum. Thx

kuku said...

haha. a lot of nice cars to pick up in 7E if you are a new collector. happy hunting. :)