Hot Wheels 2009 Ferrari Racers Series - Complete 24 Cars.

with the recently accuired last 6 cars of this series, finally i've completed all the 24 cars in this hot wheels ferrari racers 2009 series.

cars number 1 to 6.

cars number 7 to 12.

cars number 13 to 18.

cars number 19 to 24.

if one cars cost RM12.90, then total of 24 cars = RM309.60. quite a lot of money eh. =.="


shaz @ kurz said...

im expecting the next post to be the 2007-2009 full collection!! sure vomit blood poison too strong..hoho :P

kuku said...

haha. 2008 completed but 2007 still misssing one piece - F50.

Derek Heissmann said...

Wanna sell them? I will for high price