Hot Wheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series (V Case)

qouted by some of the hot wheels collector as the best hot wheels delivery slick rides series case - the hot wheels delivery series V case!

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here are all the cars came in this V case.

convoy custom, of course. :p

hiway hauler. this is the second colour and this time it came in 2 pcs per case. the 1st colour (yellow) was only realase in F case and there's only 1 pcs per case - the rarest casting/colour in this delivery series so far.

Cool One. one of my favourite casting!

Volkswagen Deluxe. the mini version of drag bus. lol.

Ford Anglia Panel

Combat Medic

56 Chevy Nomad Delivery

59 Chevy Delivery

66 Dodge A100

i guess this will be the last delivery case that i'll be purchasing this year. the remaining of the delivery series case this year are repeating of all the other earlier casting / colour which i already have.


shaz @ kurz said...

*just read this..
*then thinking wah ini mesti ada stuff for sale!
*head to hwcm
*V case SOLD!!

so fast!!! O_O
lol :P

kuku said...

LOL! nice and cheap that's why sold out fast. :D